Overview of the major manufacturers of automotive DVRs.

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    Car DVR.

    Car DVR Karki

    Car DVR - a device designed for video and audiofiksatsii situation around the vehicle when it is moving or stationary, as well as inside the cabin (optional - if additional camera). The main purpose - gathering evidence in controversial situations and accidents.

    In different countries, the use of car DVR individuals treated differently: in some countries it is allowed without restrictions, but in other countries use car DVR individuals can be outlawed, as DVRs may be recognized for covert surveillance devices which violate the rights of others to privacy, and allowed to use only government which by law entitled to such activities.

    In Russia.

    Data recorded DVR, can be considered as evidence in proceedings on administrative violations. The decision about whether to attach to an administrative offense testimony registrar accepts the judge.

    In Austria.


    Commission on data protection in the federal government banned the use of the Austrian car DVR, considering their use of invasion of privacy, as a record can get people's faces and car registration plates. In identifying the unauthorized installation of the DVR is assigned a penalty 10 000 €, when you reinstall - fine 25 000 €.

    Security video.

    Some car DVR can be used as a security camera in a parked car or as a surveillance camera in the room. Many registrars have special regimes "parking" (photographing moving objects entering the field of view of the device).

    Also, some registrars have special shooting mode CCTV. Suspended from the ceiling and connected to a power outlet, they can act as an alternative to video surveillance, video filming with reduced bit rate and frame rate (to reduce the volume of the video shoot).

    With the 2013 model went on sale DVRs equipped with Wi-Fi module and able to stream video to smartphones, tablets and the Internet to a remote server. Such devices can be used as IP-based cameras as well as video surveillance system with remote access.

    Hiking registrars.

    Car DVR TeXet

    In the presence of a battery with a large enough capacity for continuous video recording and video recorders worn on the body can be used in pedestrian mode - travelers, tourists, police, etc.

    Registrars for bicycles and motorcycles.

    Special bicycle motorcycle brackets allow secure portable video on motorcycle handlebars, as well as any other tube of suitable diameter.

    Types of automotive registrars.

    There are several types of car DVR, mainly standalone (portable) multichannel recorders and DVRs (usually in the form of plug-ins). Some time ago were popular recorders, embedded in the rearview mirror.

    There are also car navigators with built-in cameras and additional memory card slots, for which data are recorded. In Russia, they are engaged in the issue of Lexand, teXet, Shturmann and some other brands.

    Car DVR Ritmix

    Widespread smartphones based on iOS and Android, as well as the presence of these quality cameras and large amounts of memory and use these devices as car DVR. There are dozens of applications for both platforms, allowing "turn a smartphone into DVR."

    Standalone DVRs.

    In the case of autonomous car DVR simultaneously contains one or more cameras, memory, and sensors. Standalone DVR advantage - low price, quick installation / dismantling without expert guidance, the use of the car in the presence of the internal battery.

    Multi-channel DVRs.

    Multi-channel DVR - is a separate unit, representing a recording device that connects individual cameras and sensors installed in the vehicle. Number of connected cameras - 2-4. Lack of multi-channel recorders - high energy consumption, the complexity of the installation, the high price of $ 1,000.

    DVRs based smartphones.

    Car DVR xDevice

    DVRs based Smartphone - this program allows you to use your smartphone as a DVR. Modern smartphones have high quality cameras, plenty of memory and processing power, and usually are equipped with geolocation: GPS or Wi-Fi positioning.

    The advantage of these programs is their price (within a hundred rubles), as well as the possibility of intelligent integration with other functions of the DVR features modern smartphone - navigation, using maps overlay route, the use of internet services. Disadvantage DVRs based smartphones becomes that such devices can not perform the functions of recording during calls.

    Principle of operation car DVR.

    The main parts of this car DVR video camera and recorder. The camera generates a video signal which is transmitted to a recording device. Recording device handles video, compresses and record directly. The recorded video is stored on the memory card or built-in hard disk.


    Car DVR BlackVue DR400G-HD II
    BlackVue DR400G-HD II

    Car DVR 358 Mio MiVue
    358 Mio MiVue

    Car DVR Karki Q2
    Karki Q2

    Car DVR SUPRA SCR-560
    SUPRA SCR-560

    Car DVR Explay DVR-008
    Explay DVR-008

    Car DVR ParkCity DVR HD 502
    ParkCity DVR HD 502

    Car DVR Neoline Cubex V31
    Neoline Cubex V31

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